Coronavirus (COVID-19)

ATSL Corona Virus strategies and prevention plan

Last week ATSL implemented Level 1, of our contingency plan to combat the effects Covid-19 and ensure safety of staff, while maintaining full functioning supply chain levels

Staff have been advised on Hygiene requirements, travel restrictions and the possibility of self-quarantine: 

We will increase the frequency of office cleaning, upgrading the strength of disinfectants and use of hand sanitisers.

We have successfully installed a web based remote PC viewer on Office computers and are in the process of installing this on staff home computers.

As of today, 16 March 2020 we have 2 members of staff working from home, trailing the efficiency of the system and hope by the end of the week we will be able to completely work remotely when and if necessary.

We are creating a work flow procedural guide whereby all pertinent details are added by the remote user, ensuring all jobs are completed and delivered

For the sake of efficiency, we encourage all clients to communicate with us by email, especially when transmitting documents.

Our phone system is working and will always been answered if you need to discuss anything.

If, for any unforeseen reason you cannot get through on the ATSL phone, the following mobile numbers are available;

Oscar Zhang                 0413755199

Clayton Hedger          0400101066

Bob Russell                   0412103156

Thank you for your consideration and together we can all get through this

Yours Sincerely


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