BMSB Seasonal Measures 2019-20

The 2019-20 Season will apply to all cargo loaded on or after 1st September 2019 and that arrive in Australian territory by 31 May 2020 (inclusive)
To see the full outline of all the 2019-20 Measures please access the DAWR website

Changes of note to the upcoming Season Measures are:
– Addition of 23 countries to the list of Risk countries. Click her for complete list

– Early reporting of containers – Master Consolidators will be required to report all FAK containers in full no less than 5 Business days prior to arrival.

– Hubbed containers will NOT be permitted to be deconsolidated if they contain High Risk Goods from Risk countries. These containers will be treated with the same measures as containers shipped directly from Risk countries containing High Risk goods (i.e. treatment at container level – no deconsolidation nor segregation allowed in Australia.)

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